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I'm Sam, founder of this blog, 40 year old mum of one, and complete food obsessive. I'm always planning my next meal (I mean, always).

I'm a self-taught home cook, nothing fancier than that. I have a genuine (bordering on obsessive) love of food, a big appetite and a desire to eat well. My appreciation of food together with finding the amazing foodie community on Instagram a couple of years ago inspired me into starting this blog to share my recipes. 

Food and cooking are a never-ending journey of discovery for me, and it's taught me to understand my nutritional needs, I’ve learned the importance of putting good food into my body, and I can honestly see and feel the positive effects of doing so.

What are my principles? It’s quite simple really. I don't count calories, use refined sugar rarely, avoid anything labelled low fat and keep processed stuff to an absolute minimum. How does this work in practice? I eat real food, cooking my meals from scratch.


My recipes are all pretty simple, I'm all about the easy, so there are no complicated instructions, that's just not me. ;-) I prepare meals with a variety of wholesome ingredients, they’re mostly vegetarian, some vegan and there will be the odd meat or fish dish from time to time just as there is in my everyday life.

There will also be overlaps, you’ll see how I use elements of one dish with another or how I make use of a sauce for different recipes. As mentioned, I’m all about the easy! 😉


I realise my approach won't appeal to everyone and I appreciate there are allergies, intolerance or specific needs for some. Therefore, I must add that I do not try to speak to you as a dietitian or nutritionist. However, if you’d like to learn some simple, tasty and nutritious home cooking recipes, then hang around and read on.


I’ve recently had the tremendous honour of joining forces with the Fair Food Forager as a brand ambassador. I’m incredibly excited and proud to be associated with this fantastic movement and their newly launched app (please check it out, it’s FREE!). They aim to make finding sustainable and ethical food convenient for consumers. But it’s more than that, like I said they’re a movement, a campaign to support everyday people and make it easier for us to make the choices we’d probably already like to if we just had a little more information available. Well, now we do in the shape of this great app. Click here and have a look for yourself what FFF is all about.


I’m always looking for new inspiration and would love to hear your ideas or recipes; please send them my way.

For collaborations or PR enquiries you can contact me directly via any of the below. Or, if you’d just like to have a chat about food or cooking, that’s fine too and more than welcome.

You can find me on Twitter and Instagram or send me an email. Happy cooking, happy eating.

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This is me, summer 2018 in Ibiza. Hello!

This is me, summer 2018 in Ibiza. Hello!