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Real Food and Simple Home Cooking

I'm Sam, founder of this blog, thirty-something mum of one and complete food obsessive. I'm always planning my next meal (I mean, always).

Here's a little more about my relationship with food and cooking.

I like to think of myself as a creative home cook. I design and prepare simple, tasty recipes, using wholesome ingredients.  I couldn't categorise myself more than that, as my tastes and interests do change. But just so you know, I eat meat, but not in large quantities, flexitarian you might say (again, I'm hesitant to commit to the label as it may change).


Most of my recipes are vegetarian, some vegan and there will be the odd meat or fish dish from time to time just as there is in my everyday life. A couple of habits I do my best to maintain is avoid anything labelled low fat, calorie counting and refined sugar. So, aside from the dos, the don'ts, and the whole non-categorisation thing, expect recipes using real food and never bogged down with complicated instructions, that's just not me. ;-)

I believe in putting good food into my body (#FoodIsFuel) and the power of eating well as it's benefited my health mentally as well as physically. But it does go deeper as there was a significant trigger in my life a few years ago which gave me an inarguable motivation to address my eating habits, but there's a blog later to explain all that.


I eat a well-balanced selection of all the food groups, and this has worked for me. I realise my approach won't appeal to everyone and I appreciate there are allergies, intolerance or specific needs for some. Therefore, I must add that I do not try to speak to you as a dietitian or nutritionist, but I'd like to share what works for me.

With all this in mind, if you're looking for ideas or inspiration for wholesome home cooking and some simple techniques to expand your recipe repertoire, I hope you'll read on.  


I must lastly add, this isn't a one-way street as my relationship with food, and cookery skills are all part of a delightfully pleasant and never ending voyage of discovery. If you'd like to discuss my recipes or ideas then get in touch, I'm listening and always keen to join forces or collaborate on a project of shared interest.

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