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Simple Home Cooking

I'm Sam, founder of this blog, thirty-something mum of one and complete food obsessive. I'm always planning my next meal (I mean, always).

I'm a self-taught home cook. My genuine love of food and a desire to eat better for good health has lead me to start this blog.  

 I believe in putting good food into my body (#FoodIsFuel) for better mental as well as physical health.  I don't count calories or use refined sugar and I most definitely avoid anything labelled low fat.


I prepare simple recipes, using wholesome ingredients, most are vegetarian, some vegan and there will be the odd meat or fish dish from time to time just as there is in my everyday life. I'm all about real food and absolutely no complicated instructions, that's just not me. ;-)


 I realise my approach won't appeal to everyone and I appreciate there are allergies, intolerance or specific needs for some. Therefore, I must add that I do not try to speak to you as a dietitian or nutritionist.


 If you'd like to discuss my recipes or just chat food, then get in touch. Otherwise, read on and enjoy.

Happy cooking, happy eating.

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